what should a unholy dk gem in 4.2

what should a unholy dk gem in 4.2 Death knight builds - WoWWiki - Your.

Demo - Outland EU. iLevel 352 Equipped Edit: For patch 4.3 click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4iLNl Patch 4.3 Guide - http://dktrig.blogspot.co
Contents 1 Other Prominent Death Knight Discussions 2 Common Abbreviations used 3 Benefits of bringing a Death Knight to a raid 4 Death Knight
Death Knight Builds - WOW Death Knight.

Unholy DK PvP Guide (5.4) - Forums.

Unholy DPS 5.2 | Thunderstruck - Elitist.

what should a unholy dk gem in 4.2
  • Death Knight: PvE DPS - Elitist Jerks

  • New in Patch 5.2 Unholy Related Notes (aka "Confetti Time!") Death Siphon now heals for 150% of the damage dealt (was 100%). Conversion now costs 5 Runic Power plus 5
    Unholy Death Knight PvP Guide, patch 5.4 This guide is meant for level 90 play only. I was told you can't really twink Unholy until you get Necrotic Strike, so if you
    Instructions to WoWWiki editors: In order to keep this page precise and concise, please DO NOT

    [Unholy DK DPS] ¦¦ Test Dummy Rotation ¦¦.

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